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First Look: Bejamin Cho

Ben Cho's show seemed to start extra late, even for Fashion Week. Luckily, we didn't mind. It gave us plenty of time to scope out the front row which consisted of an unlikely list of young celebs: Run DMC's two daughters, Lil' Bow Wow, Cory Kennedy and, not to mention, MK. And we can see why they were all there. The clothes were an interesting mix of wearable dresses, pants and tops with some innovative details (read: keys adorning sleeves and waistlines) thrown in for good measure - we could totally see MK wearing one of the form fitting black dresses with messy hair, those Balenciaga's, and her usual quirky aplomb. Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties with our camera, so along with the pics, we'll do our best to describe. The first look to come out was all Spring - a rainbow of colors interlacing; almost forming a plaid-like pattern and purple skirt. The beige dresses were no less interesting - instead of keys, bright blue and dark green chains were affixed in various strategic places. More interlacing beribboned outfits came down, and in accordance with this season's theme - a sheer white jumpsuit with bright pink underwear on full view. Actually, the whole show stuck to what we're suspecting to be the it colors of the season: mostly black and white (white on the sheer side) and some shocking pink to really make it Spring. --HAYLEY PHELAN

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