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First Look: Chris Han

We swung by the tents one last time last night before running home to pack for London. The reason? Chris Han. We'd heard little about the designer, but a couple of very important buyers standing in line behind us kept talking about the inter-office buzz surrounding her name. So if they were excited, we were excited. The Korean born Han showed easy, feminine but not girly, clothes that you'd want to throw on for the hottest day in New York. There were lots of sheer tops and shifts layered under little jackets. There were breezy dresses, a couple of wide-leg trousers and one black jumpsuit that we bet is the most flattering of all the jumpsuits out there. But it was also one of the first shows we've seen where the styling was too distracting. Models wore awkward braids on the side of their heads and flowy tops were paired with too flowy skirts for an unflattering silhouette. But we'd take any of the pieces, separately. Looked like those buyers will, too.

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