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First Look: Cushnie et Ochs

We have to admit, when we first got our Cushnie et Ochs invitation, we were like, "Who the hell is that?" But after we did a little reading and came across endless references to them being "the next Proenza," we knew we had to fit them in. And we weren't disappointed. The only truly appropriate word for the looks they showed would be "hot," which, to be clear, is not a word we ever throw around. In fairness, these looks are not for the faint of heart - you pretty much need to be a model, or model-sized, to pull most of them off - think skintight, sometimes neon, and so much under-boob cleavage you're tempted to call the tops censor strips rather than clothes. Sightings: Mickey Boardman and Lynn Yaeger giggling in the front row, Madeline from Model.Live walking her first show in New York, models getting pushed by the spaceship revolving door prop set up at the beginning of the runway (the door must have weighed a lot...) and the designers themselves, Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie, looking smoking as hell in their own designs even before they hit the Glass Houses runway. The collection's Star Trek attendant vibe kind of gave us memories of Fall 08 at FORM but Michelle and Carly managed to keep things so simple, we kind of thought we were at a Calvin Klein show circa the 90's - but of course, it was so much hotter.

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