First Look: Doucette Duvall

We made sure to stop by the Doucette Duvall presentation yesterday afternoon, and we weren't disappointed. There were very dressed-up-on-a-Saturday kind of dresses, kind of like what you'd wear to a country club if you actually had to go to one, and the girls kind of made us want to start wearing socks with our heels. But here's what - we hereby proclaim Doucette Duvall to be the best orchestrated show of the season so far, and here's why: There was food. Not just mozzarella on a too-thick cracker, but real food like sliders, fries, little cups of mac and cheese resting in edible cups of dough, and little shot glass-sized mugs of root beer and Guinness. If that wasn't enough, there were also non-stop trays of Red Bull and champagne, depending on which way you needed your energy to go. Since shows are nearly back to back every day, and you rarely have time to eat more than those free LU biscuits handed out at the tents, this is exactly how it should always be. Entrance and check-in were speedy, there were tons of cabs upon exit, and since Stephanie and Annebet are politically inclined, there were free Obama pins all over the tables and even voter registration forms in the gift bags. Also of note, the models were very pretty, but also very healthy. And so we had to shout it out - excellent work!

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