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First Look: Erin Fetherston

The Erin Fetherston show was last night, and even with all the shows we've gone to so far today, we still find ourselves thinking about it. You see, if you're not used to Erin's clothes (girly, floaty, romantic), then you may not have liked Erin's Spring 09 collection - the clothes had the same classic Erin feel as always, but this time around, floaty gave way to poufy, girly gave way to saccharine, and romantic was replaced with frocks that sort of looked like sorbet-streaked cream puffs. She even managed to include runway oddities (not an easy feat) like dollar coin-sized sequins in pastels on loose bell bottoms, and bits of fabric that looked a lot like the light-reflecting stuffing that comes at the bottom of Easter baskets. All in all, it was definitely a show - we couldn't take your eyes off the runway, and the girls did sort of look like hazy dreams. Not to mention, there was a dress or two in there (see the shorter, floaty piece that looks a lot like a melted and swirled rainbow icy) we fully plan on hunting down once Spring enters the market. But we can't imagine too many people daring to wear most of it - not even the incredibly press savvy Emma Roberts who declared Erin one of her favorite designers from her front row seat after the show. We're pretty sure this ones only for the truly die-hard Fetherston fans.

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