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First Look: Koi Suwannagate

If there's one thing Koi Suwannagate's show announced, it's that Spring is here (ignore what's happening outside your window). As we sat and waited for the show to start (while we tried not to stare at girl crush Kate Lanphear in her killer YSL gray vest) a cackle of thunder rumbled throughout the room. Damn, we thought - we forgot our umbrella. But they just wanted to put a little scare into us - the rolling thunder gave way to gentle raining, soft cricket noises, and quiet musical tinkling as the first model walked out. With mussed hair and no-make-up-make-up, the models practically floated above the runway in pale dresses and tops with soft petal details. Some of the skirts and dresses looked as if they would actually glide off the runway and flutter around the room - fitting, since so many pieces were literally printed all over with butterflies. Between the slow walk of the models, the quiet tunes and all those pretty colors, the romance practically filled the room. But if we wanted to fall in love in those first frocks, we definitely wanted to get married wearing the last two. A buff wedding dress? Why has no one thought of this?! Genius. -- HAYLEY PHELAN

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