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First Look: Lorick (+ Being Fed by the Models...)

We know it's a little early to start throwing around superlatives, but Lorick may just end up winning Best in Show for Spring 2009, if not only for the atmosphere and total look. The presentation was, essentially, a cake party with cute clothes. Upon arrival, you're greeted with lemony cocktails. Then, you walk past three or four models licking swipes of tiered, bakery window-pretty cakes from their fingers, ever so careful not to smudge their pink frosted lips. Next up, a mess of mattresses and girls with their hair tyed up in scarves and lounging on a pink nail polish-stained rug in high-waisted satin shorts next to model mother Mimi (more on her later.) After passing a few splayed TV sets strewn with white Christmas lights, you come to the more serious portion of the run through, where the girls were decidedly less playful with serious poses and much harsher makeup. In attendance: Eleanor Waldorf, one of Jenny's mean friends, Peaches Geldof, and just about everybody on the planet - the place was so packed by the end that some of the plates on the play kitchen counters shattered on the floors, and the models were kind of drunk off all the sugar. If you're wondering about the cakes, they were amazing. We should know - we had the models hand us a spoon just so we could know what they were giggling about. And if you're wondering about the clothes, just check out our little gallery after the jump. Because really, we're still a little shaky from our cocktail and cake combo...

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