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First Look: Marc Jacobs

When you get to the Marc show, you suddenly feel like you don't know what to do. You have an invite, a seat (maybe), your camera and a purpose, yet, the sight of 4,000 or so people crammed into a stadium after a day of normal shows in normal 200-person spaces and packs of photogs stalking the front row / growling at each other could make even a pro a little nervous - and so with that, we tell you we were also a little giddy. After squeezing into a good spot for photos (this is the only show where you can't just haunt the sides of the pit), a voice boomed over the loudspeaker, "Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats now. The show is about to start." People clapped, wooed - we felt like we were at a junior high dance. Then the lights disappeared and came back in spotlight-white. The music was like something from How to Marry a Millionaire - a long piano tune with horns, quick then slow, theatrical really, and mostly grand. The girls came from all directions on the stage, pushing through swingy mirrored doors to take the runway which was chopped by super tall and skinny mirrored panels that made it look like the same girl was in twenty different spots of the runway at the same time. The clothes were kind of complicated - lots of bunched up skirts, tons of stripes, obi-like waist wraps instead of belts, very shiny materials, collapsed glittery top hats in pinks and oranges, and shoes that were a cross between gladiators and geisha sandals - oddly, we may have picked up a Wizard of Oz vibe in there, but maybe it was just the buzz. There were definitely some easily identifiable It items - we had an instant premonition of the blue and yellow wide-striped dress (at left) on either Leighton Meester or Joy Bryant, and we know the dark blue sweater with red glitter stripes will be an editorial/street style favorite. But we'll have to see about the rest. We're still thinking about it, and we'll definitely meditate on it in our sleep tonight, but isn't that always the way with Marc? Sometimes it takes hindsight to really get his first look.

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