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First Look: Nuj Wants You to Embrace Your Girliness

And so it begins. Just ran from the Keegan Singh-styled Nuj Novakhett show - the clothes are cute, the models are diverse, the people are friendly and the Fiji water's flowing freely. But our first thought was, "Wait, isn't this supposed to be spring?" While we loved the black pant jumpsuit with cream ruffles, the heavy silk skirts, and black and white plaids, we couldn't help but think they're more suited to Fall - but maybe that's because it's 90 degrees outside. The girly, well-tailored collection - think pleats, ruffles, sparkles - was presented in rows of four girls at a time who formed a square on a white platform and parted in the middle Rubik's cube style to keep the looks rotating. We loved the wispy, pulled back hair and barely there make-up. That part, at least, screamed Spring.

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