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First Look: Rachel Roy (Plus a Little Manolo)

We just got back from the Rachel Roy presentation at Frank Gehry's IAC building - and we have to say, we were impressed. The clothes were a bit of a departure for the mommy designer, and it totally worked - think studded leather skirts, little heart purses, every kind of silhouette there is, a very Stella jumpsuit, plenty of attention for the back - and killer shoes Rachel designed for Manolo. Also of note: we're now two for two in shows with a very diverse cast of girls. Early coincidence or an indication of the following week? And now, some I Spy: - Meredith Melling-Burke in stilettos, snapping away on her digital camera -Virginia Smith wearing a gauzy, gray sweatshirt like it's YSL -The Dior/Carrie shoes paired with a yellow pedicure -Linda Fargo wearing the sparkly necklace Serena wore as a headband as an actual necklace -Rachel Roy sporting an Obama Rocks pin on her hip -Prada lace, in person -Some wannabe Prada lace, in person -Sessilee Lopez, stunning, in person Back soon - with Trovata, Lorick and GenArt...

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