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First Look: ThreeAsFour

Last season, ThreeAsFour was our absolute favorite show, and we were delighted that the crowd felt the same way. So we were a little disappointed when we spied certain front row fixtures chat, text and even yawn during their show last night, an ethereal mix of their new swimwear line (which was much more daring than even we imagined) and dresses that drifted behind the models for so long it was like the effect of a good perfume, except visual. But then, something happened. The music couldn't be heard anymore, because there was a static-like noise growing from backstage. And then we all saw it, coming towards us, but so very slowly. The final look - a floor-brushing, off the body gown, constructed of huge pastel sequins (or were they way too heavy to actually be sequins?) that rattled as the model walked - no, she stepped. The dress was either just that heavy, or maybe she was tip toeing for the grandeur. Either way, the crowd freaked out. Editors stood, photographers whistled, and everyone broke into applause. It literally stopped the show. Truly, only ThreeAsFour can elicit that kind of response from a room of jaded fashion people even more jaded from the storm outside. Update: The final look was constructed of capiz-shell discs.

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