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First Look: Vena Cava

Hurricane Hanna decided to hit on our way to Vena Cava from Frank Tell. We were soaked to the bone, crawling into the Chelsea Art Museum when we realized Vena Cava was throwing a party and their clothes just happened to be on display. Impossibly cool girls, (think they knew Scott Schuman would be there?), hung around the perimeter in their designer frocks and rompers holding an unlikely accessory - cans of Budweiser in custom Vena Cava beer koozies. Models stood on a central platform in their drapey, dressed-up-in-Brooklyn outfits. The girls had mentioned their Nile/Ancient Egypt inspiration and you could see it in the colors - muted blues, sea green, gold - and the jewelry. The models all wore Vena Cava for Via Spiga shoes, of course, which were also piled high against a wall in case you needed a closer look. The shoes were much more impressive in person than in the original sketches and we desperately wanted to snag a pair. But we had to run to catch those delicious macaroons at Bumble before Catherine Holstein started!

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