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Jenni Kayne Picks Baby Over Models

You can't really beat the quickie like thrill of a runway show - but from a purely professional perspective, presentations make way more sense. You can circle around the clothes, see them up close and linger in front of your favorite look as long as you like. But the poor models get tired just standing there in pretty shoes which means thirty minutes into the thing they slouch, sit, get cranky etc. So when we walked into Jenni Kayne's presentation at Industria Studios yesterday we said, "Finally! Someone used mannequins." Jenni displayed her very grown up collection in a U-shape. There were colorful chiffon prints, belted jeans, sequin dresses (are these required now?) and lots of black on white outfits, most of which was belted with a double wrap-around brown belt. We found out later Jenni used mannequins because she's due to give birth any moment and couldn't fly to New York to cast her show. We'd forgotten for a second that she was a mom to be, but it explained how she got from her I'm-a-cool-LA/NY-girl-with-all-the-right-rock-star-friends Fall collection to this. We'd wear half - but our Moms would look pretty cool in the other half.

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