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Lenny, Leather & Lazareanu at Rick Owens

Sorry if this post is less coherent than usual. My head's still reeling from Lenny Kravitz saying, "Hey baby," when he squeezed in front of me at Rick Owens and we took each other's picture. I thought the show was starting late because Carine was on the phone, but it was Lenny and rockstar daughter Zoe, sporting some serious extensions, holding up the smoke explosion that introduced Mariacarla Boscono. The clothes? Impossibly cool, of course. Owens designs for the woman who doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks because she knows she's wrapped in otherworldly leather - and she's used to heads turning wherever she goes. It was fascinating, and a bit intimidating, to be in a room full of his heavily booted fans cheering on his barely there Spring designs and nun-like headgear. And yes, that's Irina in her first show of the season. She showed up backstage half an hour before the 5 o'clock start time, got kicked out for smoking inside and had to be dragged back in for hair and make-up.

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