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Lorick, Part II: Meet Mimi (and Go Backstage...)

When we worked our way over into a little corner of the Lorick presentation mayhem, we knew we had to meet the sweet looking lady sitting by the vanity holding a copy of "A Room of One's Own." We shook "hi" and she said, "Oh, hello. Pardon me for not taking off my gloves." And that's when we put our purse down. This is Mimi Weddell. You may not have heard of her, but she's an actress (she played Stanford's Chanel-wearing grandmother on SATC), a New Yorker (New York Magazine named her one of the city's Most Beautiful a few years back), and a model who's posed for Burberry, Louis Vuitton - and now, Lorick. Her dress was of course Lorick, but the rest of her look - including the stole - was completely her own. We chatted about things like NYC neighborhoods, how she came to model for Lorick (a bizarre chain of meetings, it seems, in Abigail's attempt to accentuate the more grown-up feel of her Spring collection), and whether or not it counts as a Fashion Show if there's hot pink nail polish purposefully drizzled on the floor (Mimi: "It is not.") If you want to see more of Mimi, like we do, you can catch her in the documentary of her 93-years-long life, Hats Off. And if you just want to see more Lorick, click through for some backstage shots!

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