Model.Live: New York Catch Up

Rewind. Back to New York for just one moment. Less than twelve hours before my really early morning flight to Heathrow, I finally got a chance to che

Rewind. Back to New York for just one moment. Less than twelve hours before my really early morning flight to Heathrow, I finally got a chance to check in with VogueTV's Model.Live girls again, and see how New York was treating them. It took so long because 1) I was super busy and 2) they were super busy and 3) everyone's busy before, during and after Fashion Week. The girls, who cumulatively walked everything from Marc by Marc to Chris Benz to Marchesa, are having a blast so far. Their emotions differ, from Cato, who is grateful to be cast in anything, to Austria, who's never heard of the designers but is having the time of her life, to Madeline, who's a seasoned pro next to the other two. Read on for their New York impressions (and you can read tons more at their Bebo blogs) - and stay tuned for their tunes after London this week...

CATO So, how's it going so far? "Great! Very, very busy. But I'm having so much fun." Which show has been your favorite so far? "I loved Phi. I got to wear the most gorgeous dress." The dress you wore at Marchesa wasn't so bad either. "I know! But... I couldn't walk in it! So thank goodness it was a presentation." What are presentations like for the models? As press, I love it because I get to stare at each dress for as long as I like, but it must be painful for you. "Yes! It's not so fun to stand there for hours. And I have low blood sugar, so I'm so afraid I'll pass out. I literally had candies tucked into my dress at Marchesa and just kept popping them in my mouth. Although the fun thing about presentations is that I can just stare at all these really interesting, totally different people." I bet. Especially at Marchesa! "Definitely." Was there any one show you were particularly hoping to get cast in? "Marc by Marc. I couldn't believe it! When I got the call, I was so shocked. I mean, out of the millions and billions of girls I saw at the casting I can't believe they chose me. It was really great, you know?" I can't even imagine. I mean, you kind of have a perfect look for that show. But still, to get cast in one of his shows, I mean that's harder than getting an invite! So congratulations! "Thank you! Yeah it was such an amazing experience. The energy there is so different since it's such a huge show - really exciting." How's New York so far? "I love New York. I actually just got an apartment here, so when this is all over, I'll be back. I have family here and it's the best city." Have you made a lot of model friends? "Yes, actually! There are a lot of Dutch girls this season, which is really nice for me. I've worked enough that I have a friend at almost every show." God modeling must be so fun. "Yes! It is. No complaints. I'm just grateful if I got cast in one show, let alone seven." That's cute. Of course you'll be cast. "No! I mean you just never know. We'll see." Is there anything you're dying to walk in in Europe? "Stella McCartney. I love her clothes." Well I'll keep my eyes peeled for you. "Thanks!" Of course, see you in London. Bye! MADELINE What's been your favorite show so far? "Shipley & Halmos! It was my favorite collection by far. And the stage at Chris Benz was beautiful. Chris is just so great to work with. And he let me put him on my Bebo blog! He's so cute." Have you met anyone especially cool since you've been here? Been startstruck? "I saw Susan Sarandon! She's beautiful." Yeah, she's kind of amazing in person isn't she? "Totally." Do you have a lot of model friends? "A lot of the IMG girls are really close. We all hang out. In Paris, we stay together. The agency's really great about putting us with our friends, which is the best when you're traveling." Any show in Paris you really want to walk? "Well, Dior is always the dream. And I almost booked Gareth Pugh last season but it didn't work out. So maybe Paris will be the charm." How's New York so far? "Great! I love New York. It's so vivacious, so lively. I can be myself here. It's so much more laid back. I mean in New York, I can wear whatever I want to a casting, no one cares. But in Europe, it's more conservative. What you wear to a casting can actually affect whether or not you're cast." What's the most frustrating thing about New York? "The castings are always hard. There are so many places to get to. It's kind of nerve wracking." But it all turned out well, right? I saw you in a lot of shows! "Yeah it was great! I think I walked nine shows. I'm really happy with my season. I desperately wanted Obedient Sons, but there's always next time." Did you go out a lot this season? There were so many after parties! "No. I don't really love to go out in New York. Unless I'm friends with the designer and then I'll make an effort. I'd rather just hang out with my friends or go shopping. Or lay in the park and read." Reading anything good right now? "I'm reading Sibyll. It's about the first documented case of a woman with multiple personalities. She had sixteen and two of them were boys." AUSTRIA So, what's the best part about all of this so far? "The big runway shows. And the shoes! I love all the shoes. I like that people know who I am. They recognize me and they want to talk to me about modeling." Do you have a favorite show so far? "I loved DKNY. The clothes were great for young people." Has anything been frustrating for you? You're so young and I know there's a bit of a language barrier which can't make things any less stressful. "No! Nothing is frustrating. I'm having a great time. I love being in a new place and meeting new people and everyone is so friendly." How do you like the city so far? "It's beautiful. I love the buildings, the architecture. I had a little bit of free time and I just looked up." I'm always looking up. There's so much to see! Are you looking forward to London? "Yes! I have always wanted to go. I hope it's as beautiful as New York." It is. Very different, but it's a great city. Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to? "No, not really. You know, I just started so I don't know who anyone is." So you didn't meet anyone in New York you were really excited about? "Nope. I met some models, but I don't really care about models. Except for Chanel Iman! I met her and she's so nice. I like her a lot." That's good to hear! I'll see you in London!

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