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Noted At Richard Chai

We spent some time backstage before Richard Chai showed his collection to literally all of Vogue yesterday. Here's what we saw: 1) Models eating. A lot. 2) Four people doing Ali Stephens' hair at once. That means eight different hands on her head, all while she played video games on her iPhone. 3) Richard Chai doing last minute fittings (shot after the jump!) A man got under a skirt to pin from the inside. Hope he knew the model. 4) Gorgeous clothes. The thinnest silk with the most delicate prints and textured details. Rows of baby sequins draped to look like liquid. Nervous dressers making sure they knew what their model looked like in person and on their board. 5) Once the show started, Lisa Love, Anna Wintour and Dani Stahl all whipped out their sunglasses in fear of runway lights. Phillip Lim whipped out real glasses in fear of missing the clothes. 6) Once the show ended, Anna smiled.

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