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[(!)Pailettes] + [(?)Maribou] = Christopher Kane

People without tickets to the Chrisopher Kane show yesterday literally begged for entrance to the packed space. I squeezed my way in, (with a ticket - I'd be a terrible beggar), to a very surprising collection, the first of his three that actually made me think, "Wow, I really want to wear that." Skip the neon leopard sweaters - I could've bought one from Betsey Johnson yesterday - but the circular paillette-like skirts and dresses he paired them with rocked. First, there were leather skirts, then perfectly crafted sheer silk dresses, then leather jackets, and finally, white blouses, each time establishing a totally different look with the same technical detail. (There was also, strangely, though not out of place, a top with the gaping mouth of an ape.) As for all the marabou, he told The Daily, "Lara Stone is the new Raquel Welch! And then it all gets a bit f***ed up...the hunter becomes the hunted, which is what the marabou was all about." But all I could think was that Christopher Kane and Fredericks of Hollywood might be the most random pairing in the history of fashion.

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