Phillip Lim's Lovely Shoes

I'd love to tell you about the clothes at Phillip Lim, but I'm still dreaming about the shoes. Christian Louboutin partnered with Lim to make the most extraordinary, lust-inducing stiletto platforms I've ever seen. They also come in flats, which are more realistic, but who wants realism on a runway, or actually, who wants realistic shoes ever? I'll indulge you on the clothes for just a minute: they're significantly less librarian than Lim's past collections. The dresses and skirts are pretty, with lots of ruffles (very Spring 09). There are sequins, because you need sequins to get into Bryant Park these days, and there are brown leather man bags in the shape of giant envelopes that I need to have. The clothes will be a huge hit and sell out everywhere because aside from one or two gowns, they will look good, and look cool, on almost everyone. But I'm saving all my pennies for those shoes.

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