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Preen-y Gossip

Yesterday's Preen show was at Espace. The only thing we know about Espace is that Christian Bale really needed to get there in American Psycho. Which brings the number of American Psycho references to a grand total of two this week. Which is way surprising. Here's what we saw and heard backstage: - Make-up artist James Kaliardos, "We're approaching each girl like we're painting her portrait." - Jourdan Dunn, with her best friend from home, tasting different sandwiches. (You can read an interview with her at - Sewing, ironing, taping, pinning - up until the last second. - Anja Rubik eating dates. Irina K. eating trail mix. Maryna Linchuk eating a turkey sandwich. - Dresses that lace up, button up, ruffle up and look like they're made to come off.

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