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Teen Queens & Magazines at Brian Reyes

Brian Reyes showed so early in the morning that they let us bring our coffee into the tent. In one front row, sat Joe Zee, Robbie Myers and Kate Mara. Across the runway was the Vogue team and Emma Roberts. The only people who conversed were Roberts and Mara. Both sides, however, seemed pleased with the perfectly girly, made-for-starlets collection. For the most part, Reyes stuck with a neutral color palette. Toward the end, he introduced some prints, including a perfectly striped, slouchy shirt dress, and even mixed and matched patterns. There were lots of mini skirts, a few ruffles and almost everything came with a belt. At one point, Roberts grabbed her stylist's arm and said, "Oh. My. God. I have to have that." We felt that way about a lot of it, too.

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