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Thakoon Gone Bad (Girl)

We don't know if it was because Thakoon showed at the same place Alexander Wang shows, or if it was because there were so many bondage-inspired black shoes in the first row, but Thakoon's collection felt a little dirtier than usual - and we liked it. There were, of course, sexy lady clothes as per his usual, but the punctuations of midriffs and high waisted panties were right at home, especially since we always think of Freja when we're at the Eyebeam. Also of note: Do shows there always have to start early? Our Thakoon invite said 2:00, and yet when the photographers started yelling "Uncross your legs!" right before the lights went down, it was only 1:53. We also spied one of Coco's friends sitting front row next to LSD, snapping pictures of Coco every time she rounded the corner - so cute!

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