Things That Make You Go Hmm, at PPQ

We couldn't decide which was stranger about PPQ's Spring show: the celebrity quotient or the collection itself. Front row held, in no particular order, Kimberley Stewart, the Geldof sisters, Russell Simmons, the Klaxons, Cory Kennedy, the Horrors, Henry Holland and Alexa Chung. And the randomness did not stop there. On the runway were ruffled mini dresses (on the likes of Daisy Lowe) we'd wear any day, but followed by pants and headdresses straight out of I Dream of Jeannie. One of the final looks was a black romper devoured by ruffles - a Spring trend that apparently did not stop in New York - on top but missing crucial fabric on the bottom. We loved the popsicle colors, similar to the ones we saw earlier in the morning at Topshop, but they seemed a bit over the top when put on such silly shapes. And we loved watching Ali Michael strut down the runway. The show was a blast to watch, as was the befuddling front row. But we're not sure how easy it'd be to wear, unless of course you're Kim Stewart. Because then we totally get it.

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