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Ann Demeulemeester's Legion of Fans

We've taken to walking from show to show. Nothing in Paris starts more than an hour after the time on the invitation and everything's relatively close - but our general lack of direction means we never know when we'll arrive at our destination. Which means we got to Ann Demeulemeester a bit early. We talked to Scott Schuman about how amazing the fall weather is, while standing in the rain admiring the women who actually wear all of Ann's clothes. We've never seen so many people wear head to toe looks from the designer whose show they're attending as we have in Paris. Devoted fans turn out in droves for a glimpse of their favorite runways in outfits that answer the question my parents always ask when confronted with editorial looks, "Who actually wears this stuff?" Maybe it's the crazy Paris fashions talking, but we'd actually wear everything on Ann's Spring runway. The fluffy, tied-up dresses will work on someone not-model sized, us, and those chained, rhinestone decorated minis manage to walk cooler than expected. Even the lace up shoes looked do-able. Though not on our show-to-show treks, of course.

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