If Karl Were A Woman...

Karl Lagerfeld sent a bevy of blonds down his runway yesterday morning. Very, very skinny blonds wearing what we think Karl would wear if he woke up a woman one day. The tent went pitch black for at least one minute - (I wanted to yell something outrageous) - before the lights came up on a cone of smoke obscuring a model in the middle of the runway. Dramatic, sometimes humorous, effects continued. One model swung a tote screen printed with Karl's face, until she reached the pit and held it in front of her own face for photographers. At the end, but before the finale, Karl emerged from backstage to greet his uber-chic fans. He led the model procession, which was in turn led by Lily Donaldson, half way down the runway before pivoting on his fancy boots and descending back into a cloud of smoke. Kind of made us wish we loved ourselves as much as Karl does.

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