Sheer Exhaustion at Akris

My exhaustion has reached new lows. I walked into a pole on the bank of the Seine and a cute French boy laughed, "At least you did not fall in!" So comforting. Then yesterday, I tripped and fell not into the arms of another Frenchman, but backwards into two very important Vogue editors on our way into the Akris show. Mon dieu. When we finally shoved into the wide open space, I wanted to go hide among the trees on stage. Instead, I snuck into the photographer's pit and snapped pictures of what turned out to be even more sheer clothes, which I naively thought was not possible. But at least the sheer was different this time - Albert Kriemler used it in panels divided by opaque fabrics in the same color palette, like on Ali Michael and Ikeleine. Incidentally, the wide-knit dress Lily Donaldson wore to close the show was, basically, awesome. Can't wait to see it on someone with curves.

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