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Sophia Kokosalaki's Answer to Galliano

So which kind of modern warrior princess, or prince, are you? John Galliano's sexy chiffoned babe in made-for-men platforms and a full face of make-up? Or Sophia Kokosalaki's sexy-in-a-different-way, armored scene stealer? We'd choose the latter, and judging from the eager front row reception - was that a smile Alexandra Shulman? - so would the rest of the fashion going crowd here in Paris. The designer's dresses went from slightly Grecian to textured metallic and finally to a few sheer flowy gowns decorated with tassels that moved perfectly down the runway. Shoes featured an angled heel in gold and silver that left the foot so strapped in it'd be impossible to fall. If we walked red carpets, this is what we'd want to wear. Minus the too-literal hair, of course.

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