Streetwalker: Rodeo? Prison? Nope, Parsons.


Pia, fashion student, designer Got Her: In front of the Parsons building on 5th Ave Stalked Her: Because we couldn't believe we saw a leather fringe jacket on a girl instead of a cowboy. To be honest, we stopped her because we were confused. Shot Her: Because upon closer inspection, her sunglasses were great, the shoes were cool, and we had to reach out our hands to touch her shirt. She Says: "When I like something I wear it everyday. I pick key pieces for each season and I get obsessed with them and only wear that. I fell in love with this shirt because the fabric was so soft. When I asked the designer how she did it, she said it was because she got the materials from a prison!" We Say: Um, ok (But yes, the shirt did in fact feel incredible.) --LEAH MELTZER