The End: Chanel

Chanel starts at 10:30 am. Cross the Pont Alexandre III to the Grand Palais. Graciously accept my pre-show goodie bag of Chanel No.5, though wish I had coffee to go with it. Realize how serious it is that I'm at Chanel, especially when Lauren Santo Domingo graciously accepts her not-front-row seat. Notice that she positions herself right behind Emma Watson, guaranteed picture placement that way. Zoe Kravitz, Mario Testino, Claudia Schiffer and Clemence Poesy squeeze into same row. Stare at the giant 31 Rue de Cambon facade. Our House blares. Everyone giggles. Karl sends tweed suits, black stockings and frothy gowns down the runway. A lot of it is, all together now, SHEER. Coco is here! She's hiding underneath a black veiled hat. Between the girls and Karl's bow, boys emerge. Five, including Sebastian, wearing tight suits and beacoup des bijoux. Our House plays again, Karl prolongs his bow and the glass ceiling shakes with the roar of the audience. A perfect conclusion, for me at least, of Paris Fashion Week.

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