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Monday Night Hairball

Maybe it's because I've just returned from a long weekend in the country, or maybe it's because I'm particularly eagle-eyed when it comes to hair, but did anyone else notice last night's prime time hair switch? First, I watched Blair Waldorf help save a young girl from 1 Oak sporting a side braid more reminiscent of Lauren Conrad's cool-California girl style than her usual UES stiff. And that was funny and fine. But then I noticed Lauren Conrad sporting a black headband (and was that a bow on it? Tilted to the side?) more reminiscent of Blair Waldorf's uppity signature look, which always makes me think of Shannon Doherty in Heathers. An intentional Monday night hair swap? Or an East Coast / West Coast hip-hair rivalry? You know we doubt it's either, but it's just so fun to say shit like that.

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