Ann Sofie Back Says, "Boo!"

Someone who'd caught a preview of the Ann Sofie Back show told me, "It's really scary." So when the lights went dark after Peter Jensen (the two Topshop sponsored designers showed back to back), I was ready. Cue Psycho soundtrack, zombie make-up, a sweatshirt printed with "Boo!" and Bride of Frankenstein hair - they even made the models walk like Karlie - but the clothes themselves weren't so scary. They were black, sure, and ripped, but Urban Outfitters is stocked with ripped clothes so any scare factor is long gone. There were dream catchers woven onto dresses and feathers strung from skirts and sweaters over lacy leggings. The models wore oversized blazers and boyfriend jeans, all those ripped, too, and witchy boots decorated with feathers and bells. Honestly, we spent most of the show wondering just what Lydia Hearst and Kanye West could possibly be talking about.

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