The first person I saw while climbing the stairs to the Band of Outsiders presentation was Garance Dore (she's like the female Scott Schuman, basically). Then, I saw Glenn O'Brien, Editorial Director of Interview, and Lauren Santo Domingo, and realized that Band has somehow upped its buzz in the past couple seasons. And it's understandable. The clothes are both precious and wearable, a balance everybody wants but few designers seem to get, and the collaboration with Manolo Blahnik for shoes was incredible - think boxing sneakers manipulated into open-toe stilettos that actually work, especially with thick, cable knit socks. Of course, it was hard to pay attention to the adorable presentation - models posed in fake telephone booths, on bare mattresses, with a rope ladder leading to nowhere, etc - with Kanye West quietly perusing the space with a relentless reporter shadowing his every move (this guy even waited for him when he tried to cut off the conversation by using the restroom). But we guess it isn't a Band of Outsiders presentation without some kind of celebrity presence.

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