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Basso & Brooke, or Stephen Jones & I

I swung backstage at Basso & Brooke about ten minutes before show time. The first thing I noticed, besides the stunning sheer tea dress with beaded lace embroidered on top of it, was Stephen Jones holding court with his muse Anna Piaggi by a table full of very odd headbands. "Can you tell me a bit about what you've done for the show?" I asked. And as he answered, he started fitting them on my head. For the answer, check out Teen Vogue, but know that in my mind that's like Christian Louboutin fitting a shoe on my foot - a major fashion moment. Anyway, post-moment, I landed in my seat in the Bloomsbury Ballroom and watched Basso's fantastical, brightly printed collection parade on by. This season their prints seemed focused on texture. Some were made to look like Greek columns, others fur, some lace, some zippers, almost all accessorized with hefty baroque looking jewelry. The shoes were elf-ish and the clutches had pearl handles which doubled as bracelets. Also, there was crimped hair like the models also rocked at Erin Fetherston. One more show with crimped hair and I'm officially breaking out my vintage crimper when I get home.

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