Catherine Malandrino's Over The Rainbow

Catherine Malandrino's 11am show this morning was surprisingly well-attended considering it was on the "am" side of the week's Day Seven: Garance Dore, Scott Schuman, Michelle Trachtenberg, Linda Fargo, Mary J Blige and Coco Rocha - exhausted and flubbing her lines for E! Canada - all sat front row, sixty-five floors up in the Rainbow Room. The collection was what you'd expect: One pretty dress after another, with a few separates, and more examples of the season's neon trend in the form of a few bright fuschia gowns. But the real story was the show itself: The Rainbow Room, up until recently, was one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. In fact, it was so expensive that the recession has hit them especially hard, and they haven't served food in a while, and won't until TBD. But for Catherine Malandrino's show, there was a huge breakfast spread with juice bar for all of her guests to enjoy, and the models walked on a circular runway that literally twirled. The setting was a little odd for this Fashion Week, but the thing is, Catherine knew it. The music began with a croaky version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," then another song all about dreaming, and the soundtrack ended with an ironic version of "New York, New York." Even the unrealistic hair - pulled into bubbles atop the crowns of the girls' heads with hairnets - seemed to say, "I know, I know, but this is who I am!" So basically, nothing's keeping Catherine Malandrino from business as usual, as long as she gets to wink from the back. And right now, we can appreciate that.

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