Devi Kroell in Slo-Mo

When we walked into the Devi Kroell presentation fashionably late at 6pm, we were surprised to find a row of models exiting off a runway, one by one. For a second we thought we'd missed it. Thankfully, Devi Kroell's presentation was more like a runway show in slo-mo running on a loop. After a short pause filled with the beating of eastern-style drums, the models began filing out again. In her own words, the collection represents the "quintessential New Yorker." We'd like to stick "put together" and "insanely stylish" in there, too. The colors were a rich combination of marigold, deep turquoise and plum and the textures were just as sumptuous - mohair jackets, velvet blazers and shiny pants. Plus the gold runway kind of made us feel like we were at Studio 54. And what's more New York than that? --HAYLEY PHELAN

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