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Elise Overland: Strippers & Sushi

Every time I walk away from an Elise Overland presentation I'm left wishing, hoping that one day I'll be that cool. The models hung out on a white cube at the end of the runway, laughing, striking silly poses and wearing Elise's Midsummer NIght's Dream goes rock n'roll Fall 09 collection. There were leather leggings, of course, and sparkly dresses topped with thorny crowns and jewels straight from Alexander Calder. Colorful lambskin biker jackets abounded over mostly green mini dresses (the seaweed inspiration was crystal clear) rounded out with 6" stiletto platforms I couldn't take my eyes off of. "Who did the shoes?" I asked Elise's PR. "We special ordered them through our stripper world connections," she told me. I guess I know where I'm going shopping post-Paris - though I have a feeling they'll look infinitely less cool with my Elise-less wardrobe.

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