Elise Overland's Fall 09: The Conversation

We just had a quick chat with Elise Overland - the Norwegian designer who got her start dressing Steven Tyler, but now dresses cool/tough girls the wo

We just had a quick chat with Elise Overland - the Norwegian designer who got her start dressing Steven Tyler, but now dresses cool/tough girls the world over - about her upcoming Fall 09 presentation. The CliffsNotes version: It's all about food, there are a couple surprises, and at least one sequined look. The actual version: Please, enter here.

Fashionista: Hey, Elise. Elise: Hi! Fashionista: How's it going today? Elise: Well, I just walked into the office, I had a late night yesterday. Fashionista: Oh yeah? Elise: I told myself not to on Sundays, but it just happens. Fashionista: What were you up to? Elise: Eh, I was out with Stella Schnabel for a bit, then all of a sudden it was 3 o'clock. Fashionista: Yikes - How's your collection coming then? Elise: It's coming good, but you know it always evolves as you go. Sometimes people just have one inspiration, but I just keep going. Three weeks ago, I probably would have said something else in terms of inspiration besides what I would say today. Fashionista: So what is your inspiration for Fall 09? Elise: Sushi! A sushi book from Japan. It's very sexual, almost macabre, the way they show all the sushi and how the fish is all cut up, up close. If you look at like it like a small human, kind of. So I took that theme and took all those kinds of colors and richness and the sparkles and the patterns, and made all these sushi bits into dresses. You know, like tiny, small sparkly dresses that look like sushi bits. It's kind of sexy. Fashionista: When did you decide this was the direction to go in? Is this your "now" inspiration, or your "three weeks ago" inspiration? Elise: Actually, I've been pretty good about staying with one general theme. I got the book about a month ago from a friend, and I was like, What am I going to do with this sushi book, who cares? But then I got really into the pictures. That's why the collection is called "Shimmer." I was thinking of the way the fish's skin looks when it's whole. Fashionista: Wow, just one month ago? Is that really when you first started your collection? Elise: Pretty much, definitely after Christmas. Fashionista: That sounds intense. I would have thought you'd started earlier. Elise: I just can't do it ahead. There's a wierd thrill of doing it at the last moment, it kind of puts your brain into a trance. You get so into it and you edit everything else in your life, because you have to. Fashionista: So, I understand you're doing a presentation again. Elise: Yes, but not that style [Spring 09], much more advanced this time because I'm having a stage and then a catwalk, so it's kind of both, like four small shows, with a DJ and alcohol, so it's kind of a party at the same time, too. Fashionista: Have you ever had a traditional runway show? Elise: No, I was thinking about it though, but I have so many friends and social people that I just didn't want to go through the politics of the seating. I mean, I really like my cleaning lady, so I'd want her in the front row. Fashionista: Will there be any surprises? Elise: Yes! There are two big surprises! I just can't tell yet, it's huge though, quite amazing. Fashionista: Aw, you have to tell us something. Here - is it a clothes-related surprise? Music?... Elise: Mmm...In that direciton, but not music. Fashionista: Hm, ok. Elise: I'll see what I can tell you and e-mail you tomorrow... Fashionista: Thank you! So, this sushi thing sounds quite different from your usual look. Is Fall 09 going to be totally different from Spring 09? Elise: Yeah, the collections are not at all alike, totally different. This one's really sexy and vibrant, maybe because of the economy I just wanted to go the other way, like totally glam. Fashionista: So does that mean no leather? Elise: Hah, no, I'm still staying with my core, but you still also change as a person. There are different periods, dark, vibrant, we change. Fashionista: Do you have any kind of Fashion Week ritual? Like, do you have to have dinner with a certain person after your show? Elise: Not really. I just hang out with friends, I really feel connected to them right before and after. Fashionista: Do you go to anyone else's shows? Elise: I am this season, though I have to miss Vicky Bartlett and ThreeAsfour because of the times. But I am going to Y-3, that I know for a fact. Fashionista: Can you tell us any more about the collection? How many looks are you having? Elise: I can't really have more than like 25 looks because it would look too crowded in a presentation, so I show much less than what I actually have in the showroom. It would seem overdone if I put 40-something girls out there. So just like 25. Fashionista: Are you using the same models? Elise: Probably, I might use friends this time, but I'm not sure because I'm not casting til Wednesday! Fashionista: How are you feeling about the collection in general? Elise: I feel really good about it, and I think I pushed myself in another direction. I've made so many more dresses, so there's also a lot of small jackets to go with them. Fashionista: Do you have a favorite piece? Elise: Yes! This crazy, green sequin dress, kind of like a little seaweed piece. Fashionista: Wow, you really did this sushi thing for real! Elise: Yeah, totally! We have such a laugh in here. Fashionista: Well thanks, Elise. See you next week. Elise: Thank you, and I'll try to confirm more stuff for you tomorrow [Stay tuned...]. Bye!

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