First Glimpse: Jeremy Laing Fall 09

The Jeremy Laing show was held in a tiny Chelsea studio about 45 minutes late. While everyone sat/stood around to see if it was worth it to give up such a huge break until Y-3 at 5pm, the mustachioed DJ's entertained themselves in their corner, and everyone tried to ignore them until the clothes finally came out. The collection consisted of mostly dresses, some that floated behind the models as they walked, some that looked like wearable takes on Star Trek, and everyone in the front row - Mickey & Lynn, Julia Frakes (aka Bunny Bisous), artist Terence Koh, and too many bloggers to name - seemed genuinely interested in what came down. In the elevator on the way out, Lynn talked about the economy and the idea of getting a Master's degree in journalism (she doesn't think it's a good idea), and everyone seemed genuinely excited to have a couple hours' break.

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