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First Look: Charlotte Ronson

It's really hard to concentrate on a show when Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are in the DJ booth and Mark Ronson and his new girlfriend are sitting across the aisle and you feel like you're living in Perez Hilton. But we finally peeled our eyes away and focused them on the runway for Charlotte's Fall show. Dark lipstick, again! Tight ponytails and some very serious Pretty Woman leather lace-up boots. There were lots of little dresses - it's Charlotte Ronson, after all - jumpsuits, bolero jackets, tight tight pants and some of the western flair we saw this morning at Yigal (more on him soon). There were cut out shoulders - which we saw later at Shipley & Halmos - and shearling vests and jackets belted over ruffled dresses. It was a lot, it was fun, it was a little scarier than expected. And please, excuse Lindsay in the corner of nearly all our photos.

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