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First Look: Topshop Unique

Like any good American girl, I'm obsessed with Topshop. And like any good fashion obsessed girl, I love Katie Grand. But I have to admit, the Katie Grand styled Topshop Unique show was kind of a mess. The clothes were very new rave, neon and kind of grungy. Liu Wen, Karlie (walking her first London Fashion Week), Jourdan & co. stomped down the runway in hooded anoraks and massive, blanket-like scarves. There were Balmain-shouldered sweatshirts paired with patchwork leather skirts, ill-fitting tube dresses and a hooded multi-colored sequined jumpsuit to top it all off. Meanwhile, the accessories rocked, especially the glow stick necklaces and clutches. Before the show, Hanne Gaby Odiele complained about her fat legs. During the show, I sat right behind Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof and Lydia Hearst (from here on out referred to as the Brit It-Girls). I'd stuffed my face half full of delicious Topshop meringues before someone was kind enough to point out that I'd be in every single paparazzi picture this side of the Atlantic. Whatever, the meringue was delicious. Wish the clothes were, too.

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