First Look: Zac Posen

We almost didn't get into Zac Posen tonight. Not because we weren't invited, but because, apparently, Zac Posen has the tightest security ever. You couldn't even get to the front doors of the Tents without your actual paper invite in hand (which hardly anyone carries around all day), so we, and many other people, ended up at the top of the stairs arguing with a quartet of security guards, trying to explain that if we really were crashers, then we could never get in once inside the lobby anyway (this argument did not work at all). Instead, we frantically searched our iPhone for the RSVP confirmation, watched actual crashers give up immediately once security asked for the invite, watched actual editors get hassled and freak out, tried calling several people who we thought could be in the Tents and possibly help, before the nicest of the guards secretly let us in on the side. Phew. When we got to the check-in table, we had to actually produce a photo ID. While fishing through our wallet that won't even close these days (cab receipts), we had to ask: What's with the security tonight?" One of the PR girls responded that this show gets exceptionally crashed, with people rushing the doors, bringing last season's invites, sometimes making invites, and, even worse, using other people's names. So, understandable. Still, it would be nice if one of those nice girls from inside could have stood on the steps to let in the people that they at least recognize. Alas, the show goes on: Zac's Fall 09 opened with the piano-playing sibling quintet, the 5 Browns, and with clothes so sumptuous you'd have thought you were in Rococo times (or, at least, sometime before September). Every single look was totally over the top, especially the coats fit for majesties (or, Andre Leon Talley). The most annoying part had to be when we looked over at the front row (Rachel Bilson, Claire Danes, Sandra Bernhard), because we finally understood why Zac had more security than a fur convention. But the best part, other than Alek Wek's surprise spin on the runway, had to be Coco's: As she made her way to the pit, someone yelled out, "Now there's a woman!" She cracked a smile and a laugh, and so did everyone else.

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