I Want to Own Ohne Titel

When we got to Ohne Titel this afternoon, it finally felt like Fashion Week. You had to freeze your ass off on a real line outside, but got to check out the parade of fashion people dressed to go to a real fashion show. Once inside, there was an open white wine bar, girls dressed in Ohne passing around trays of colorful macarons, and a gathering of editors that included Cathy Horyn. In short, there was buzz. The show did not disappoint: In fact, it kind of made you want to step into some future space where you rock lethal, chain-strewn booties and body-con sweater dresses while strutting to surprisingly un-annoying clubby music. The clothes seemed to be a Fall-appropriate extension of Flora and Alexa's Spring 09, with the most exciting bit being the skintight leather leggings - sometimes with cut-outs, turning out to be a big trend for Fall 09 already - which we want almost as much as Spring's light, bright sequined predecessor. But the most notable aspect was the almost total lack of color. Besides a few brown pieces, almost the entire collection was black, which matches the quiet, somber mood everyone's used to describe the week so far.

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