Low on Lorick

Last season, Lorick was the most fun of all the shows, with cakes, good cocktails and a general party atmosphere. This season, the show started with a lone accordion player tapping out a winding song in the dark, which continued as the models circled him in outfits we're pretty sure even Blair wouldn't wear. Of note: One model lost her shoe, but kept walking on one tippy-toe like it never happened (we give her an honorary gold medal), and several other girls tumbled after that, too. Other than that, nothing really happened - Except for Cory Kennedy and one of the mean girls from GG, the crowd seemed mostly like a friends-and-family gathering, and everyone pretty much scooted out the door as soon as it was over. We don't know why Lorick decided to go so somber after the riotous Spring 09, but maybe she's just trying to stay on trend.

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