My Barbie World: Part II


Barbie's 50th meant major sensory overload - not delicious seven course meal overload but one too many cherries atop the sundae overload. It went a little something like this: Kimora Lee Simmons on one end of the runway and Vogue's Marina Rust on the other, both holding Barbie wielding children. A Real World: Brooklyn cast member sat on the right while Heidi Klum sat on the left, sandwiched between Miss J and the ubiquitous Robert Verdi who wanted to chat with Simon Doonan. Simon was trying to catch up with Diane who joyously embraced Suzy Menkes while Peter Som looked on calmly from his center perch. Rachel Roy's daughter handled the paparazzi better than Lindsay Lohan and the soccer moms behind us tried awfully hard to make sense of The Blondes while I enjoyed a breakfast of Barbie chocolates. The show opened with a Barbie through the ages sort of montage and ran to a Barbie-fied Top 40 soundtrack; Ken got to wear Kenneth Cole (ha!); the crowd went wild for Bob Mackie's creation; the video screen told us that, "A plastic tan never fades" and for the second time this week confetti rained down atop our heads. Because she's a Barbie girl, in her very own Barbie world.

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