Preen Makes Kanye Happen

It was only a matter of time before we made it to a show with Kanye, right? He rolled up at 11am sharp with an entourage of five boys and a hot girl, embraced Scott Schuman, got introduced to Garance and lingered for photo ops. I was waiting in line to get into Preen, with my pounding headache and a large Americano, and I'm pretty sure he gave my knee-high red suede boots a second look - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Inside the Altman building, the audience unanimously agreed we missed Preen's regular Espace venue and Faran declared, "Kanye's so not the celeb sighting at this show." "Oh really?" I asked. "Nope. Check out Philip Green." So I did. I said, "Hi Mr. Green. My name's Britt and I write for a site called Fashionista.com. We're huge fans." (If he doesn't actually read us, he's very good at pretending.) "So what can you tell me about Kate's new collection?" "Nothing. But you can ask my guys, they're all here," he laughed. "But it'd be so much better to hear it straight from you," I prodded. "Sorry kid," he winked. Ouch, especially considering Anne Christensen's actual kids were playing on the plastic-covered runway. Anyway, this kid took her seat and watched Preen's unusually colorful Fall collection parade by. There was fur, more cut-outs and some very strategically placed pockets atop Karlie KIoss' nipples. Meanwhile, one lucky member of Kanye's entourage got to sit smack in the middle of the Vogue-ttes - click through for priceless, "What the fuck is going on?" faces.

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