Rag & Bone: The Show

Trying to make your way into the Rag & Bone show this afternoon was a little like trying to make your way through a mosh pit - impossible. There was a crowd of maybe 200+ people all trying to walk in (read: push through) the tiny entrance of the Cedar Lake venue on the west side all at the same time, only to be confronted by a teeny table of PR girls that could accommodate maybe four guests at a time, which was constantly being held up by problems with the seating chart and general unruliness on behalf of the audience members. Anyway, once you actually did get in (if you got in - we heard quite a few people were left outside after the doors were shut), you were probably first greeted by the sight of Anna (and other people asking, "Why does she always go to Rag & Bone? They don't advertise in Vogue, it's not really Vogue's cup of tea anyway - are the boy designers really just that cute?) and then Rachel Zoe backed up by her assistants, Taylor and Brad, who freaked out cheering when Sasha stepped on the runway. Also, inexplicably, both Jimmy Fallon and Elijah Wood were in attendance. The show was typical R&B: Little vests, tight pants, and clothes that are generally unwearable for the general public, all modeled by some of the highest paid strutters in the industry (Coco, Stam, Lily D, etc). Basically, it was exactly what you'd expect - except for maybe the upbeat music. That was a first for Fall 09.

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