Ruffian Red's Success

Mention Ruffian to anyone in the fashion industry and they'll squeal, "Oh my god, I just love those boys." So maybe it's because of that or maybe it's because they always use stellar models that their show is such a good time. Once I stopped eavesdropping on front row conversation - "But I don't understand Tom Ford! For the price of one blazer you can get two suits made on Saville Row!" - the intimate show started. Brian and Claude were inspired by Paris this season, or "the aesthetic archetype of New Yorkers in Paris and the French romanticism of Americana" which came through in their point d'esprit hosiery, nipped jackets and silky dresses. There was silence when Arlenis popped out from behind the curtain and a quiet clap for Vlada's jacket. Ikeliene got to wear sequined leopard print and Liu Wen rocked ruffled cuffs. I loved the clothes - but I spent most of the show coveting the red lips and towering Louboutins and jumped for joy when my gift bag held a tube of MAC's Ruffian Red lipstick which I promptly applied. Let's just say it was a very happy Valentine's day - thanks boys.

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