Surprise, Surprise at Richie Rich!

Pamela Anderson crashed Richie Rich's runway at the Waldorf-Astoria tonight. She pranced, skipped and kicked her way down the catwalk, after the model finale, a singer, a troupe of half-naked dancing men, a Kat Deluna performance, Tinsley, Aubrey O'Day and someone else who looked vaguely familiar, in a gold, thong one-piece bathing suit with plastic coins glued to it - the crowd went nuts. That crowd included the Paper Mag team and Lynn, Ellen Von Unwerth, Cory & the Cobrasnake, a life-sized pig and Ice-T (who's randomly popped up at different Fashion Weeks twice now) and his wife whom we were painfully close to in the elevator. The clothes were, well, not Heatherette, but not much of anything. They were tight, they were bright, there was a one armed spandex unitard in a purple print and lots of plastic coins inexplicably glued to the men's barely there swimwear. There was one printed summer dress we'd actually wear but we're pretty sure that wasn't the point of the show. It was to have fun and of course, with Richie, it's always fun.

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