Vena Cava Likes Sandals for Fall

The Vena Cava presentation was a bit of a drive-by for most people since it was stuck in between the Barbie extravaganza and Alexander Wang (which was the first show you could rightly call a "show", for the record). The collection seemed like a darker take on Vena Cava's past, with a few surprises like fringe (sometimes like for a flapper, sometimes like for a Hell's Angel), and a disco ball miniskirt. Of note: Bright orange eyeliner we know will make it into a Teen Vogue beauty editorial, more cut-outs (like at Charlotte Ronson, Shipley & Halmos, Ohne Titel and Costello), and sandals. For Fall. Though we guess it bears mentioning that we haven't had to button our coat once this week, so maybe the girls are on to something.

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