Who is Erin Fetherston's Customer?

This evening's Erin Fetherston show had us wondering now about how to wear a hooped miniskirt or the appropriateness of three bows down the front of your top past the age of seven, but about who actually buys Erin Fetherston's clothes. Because we don't know any adults - especially ones ready to drop several thousands on a dress - who actually want to look like creepy dolls come to life. From the sleeves that crossed somewhere at "bell" and "clown", to the oversized polka dot blouse that looked like it was made for a slightly fashionable circus attendant (we can't even discuss the bunny masks), we didn't see one wearable (and not even in the dress-up-at-home kind of way) piece, except for the closing white dress which would be the perfect wedding gown for the bride that likes a little giggle with her vows. We love Erin's earlier stuff, and especially her pieces for Target, but the past two collection have been so thoroughly whimsical (you might remember that Spring 09 looked like walking cream puffs) that they seem only like an exercise in Erin's own imagination. So, unless you're trying to get dressed for a crack tea party in her daydreams, you're shit out of luck trying to find anything you want to wear from her. And isn't that what ready-to-wear is all about?

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